A Roots-and-Bluesy Montage

Roots n’ Blues n’ Barbecue is a spectacular event. Once there, it’s hard not to be immediately and totally swept into the warm, slightly-intoxicated, but incredibly happy chaos that is downtown Columbia.

After leaving a night of sultry tones, smoky hues and grinning faces, Roots n’ Blues has a tendency to linger contentedly in the mind for days, weeks, even months afterwards. Perhaps that’s why Columbia only gets something like this once a year, so every person who comes knows to hold as tight as they can to their memories of Roots n’ Blues, since those memories will have to hold them over until the next year, when the next, equally warm, intoxicating and happily chaotic Roots n’ Blues comes around.

Video by Urmila Kutikkad
Footage by Asa Lory and Urmila Kutikkad
All music (“Home”) by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros recorded live at the 2012 Roots n’ Blues n’ Barbecue in Columbia, Mo.
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