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Ingrid Michaelson continues fall acoustic tour at the Blue Note

Ingrid Michaelson will be visiting the Blue Note on Thursday, Oct. 4. Tickets are on sale for $25. Photo used under the fair use doctrine.

Thursday, Oct. 4, the Blue Note is hosting indie-pop artist Ingrid Michaelson. Continuing her acoustic tour across the Midwest, Michaelson with be playing alongside the two-man band Sugar + the Hi Lows.

Playing the the piano as early as four years old, Michaelson began her career at the Third Street Music School in Manhattan.  A graduate of Binghamton University, she then promoted her first track through Myspace in 2002.  Four years later in 2006, Michaelson’s music was heard by a music producer from ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, and since then her music has skyrocketed to fame, being featured on over 20 major TV shows and a collection of films.

RBHS art teacher Abbey Trescott has been following Michaelson since she first heard her songs on Grey’s Anatomy.

“I’m so excited that she’s coming to Columbia. The Blue Note tends to have an eclectic mix of performances and I love when a singer/songwriter in this genre rolls through,” Trescott said. “I’ve never seen her in concert so I can’t wait to hear her perform live. There’s always a certain energy and connectivity when you are hearing live music.”

Performing hit songs such as “Be OK”, “The Way I Am” and “You and I”, Michaelson’s music will satisfy the alternative crowd just as much as the mainstream music lovers.  While Trescott is excited to hear these hits, she is also looking forward to a song near and dear to her own heart.

I’m “hoping she plays her rendition of ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love’,” Trescott said. “I’m obsessed with her version. It’s meaningful and sentimental to me; I’m actually planning for that to be my wedding song.”

Tickets are on sale for $25. Minors will be charged an extra $2. The Blue Note’s doors open at 7:30 PM, and the show begins at 8:30 PM.

By Ashleigh Atasoy

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