Style of the Week: Alyssa Jennings

Sophomore Alyssa Jennings sports a pair of black boots with silver studs and bohemian patterned jeggings. Photo by Lauren Puckett

As Bearing News staff member Ashleigh Atasoy and I roamed the halls earlier this afternoon, we stumbled upon the idea of a “Style of the Week,” where we showcased Rock Bridge students with interesting and unique fashion choices. It didn’t take us long to find several looks that caught our eye, and our first find was a pair of patterned jeggings worn by sophomore Alyssa Jennings.

Name: Alyssa Jennings, sophomore

Favorite store: Forever 21

Jeggings: Marshalls

Boots: Dillard’s

“I just buy whatever I find,” Jennings said, “but within reason. Pretty much wherever I can find cute clothes. … My best buy was probably these studded boots.”

By Lauren Puckett

Check back here weekly for a new Style of the Week! Each week, we’ll add new pictures, new questions, and new styles to help you improve and expand your wardrobe. Enjoy!

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  1. MOrgan NUetzmann

    What a cute idea!

  2. Awesome! This is a really cool idea- love it!!

  3. Manal Salim

    I really like this idea! Very creative :)


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