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Style of the Week: Jesse LaFond

Senior Jesse LaFond is an avid fan of secondhand shopping, searching far and wide for the perfect piece of clothing.
Looking for our next style of the week, this look took us completely by surprise. Frantically searching to find a style before the day’s end, senior Jesse LaFond seemingly came out of nowhere. Strutting down the highway, clad in his favorite pieces, the choice was obvious. Jesse LaFond would be the Style of the Week.

Name: Jesse LaFond, Senior

Shirt: Blackberry Exchange

Pants: Levi’s cords

Jacket: Goodwill

Shoes:  Shoe Carnival

Style Motto: “Don’t care what anyone else thinks, do your own thing.”

By Ashleigh Atasoy

Check back here every Tuesday for another Style of the Week! If you have an outfit you’d like to submit,  please send us an email at!

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