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Style of the Week: Kylie Smith

Junior Kylie Smith sports a pair of ebony tights with her crimson boots and denim shorts. Photo by Maddy Jones

Today marked our second round of “Style of the Week,” and this time staff member Maddy Jones and I searched the fourth hour hallways for some unique looks.  In the commons, we found junior Kylie Smith wearing a pair of maroon Dr. Martens boots, paired with a patterned headband. We found out she was active in RBHS’s fashion class, and decided to ask a few questions about her clothing.

Name: Kylie Smith, junior

Favorite store: Urban Outfitters

Best buy: Black combat boots

Headband: Pac Sun

Shorts: Purchased from Goodwill, then altered

Boots: Florida boutique

Necklace: Forever 21

“I think [fashion] is a way to express yourself and who you are without saying anything,” Smith said. “I like the idea of fashion and putting outfits together. …  Like, I own my own sewing machine, and I made my own Halloween costume.”

By Lauren Puckett

Check back here every Tuesday for another Style of the Week! If you have an outfit you’d like to submit,  please send us an email at!


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