Ngo sports a pair of teal skinny jeans, a black top and a feathered necklace with gold accents. Photo by Lauren Puckett
Ngo sports a pair of teal skinny jeans, a black top and a feathered necklace with gold accents. Photo by Lauren Puckett

When I checked the clock at 3:15 p.m and realized I still hadn’t found a Style of the Week, I went into a panic. Grabbing my nearest friend and a camera I didn’t know how to use, I rushed out into the hallways and started scanning. It took me a few minutes of racing awkwardly through the commons, but I eventually stumbled upon the lovely junior Hanh Ngo. With her colored skinny jeans and feathered necklace, I knew I’d found a good candidate for Style of the Week.

Shirt: Forever 21

Pants: PacSun


Necklace: Wet Seal

Favorite Store: Pac Sun or Forever 21

“I can be a compulsive [shopper] sometimes,” Ngo said. “But if it’s cheap and cute, I’ll buy it. … Because it’s always good to put your style out there. There are so many different ways to do it.”

By Lauren Puckett

Tell us about your favorite fashion! And come back to Bearing News every Tuesday for a new Style of the Week!



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My name is Lauren Puckett, and I’m one of the A&E section editors for The Rock. I’m a senior, and a member of City Lights show choir and the Varsity Acting Squad. Besides singing, acting, and participating in my church’s activities, I like to write every story I can get my hands on. Writing is what I love, and it’s what I want to do with my life. Other than that, I’m a ridiculous blonde who likes Arnold Palmer and raspberry yogurt pretzels. I’m a Ravenclaw and I’d probably hail from District 8 or 11, although I doubt I’d survive the Hunger Games. Feel free to shoot me an email or come say hello—you’ll probably find me in the choir hallway or the journalism room. You know us “artsy kids”—we don’t ever leave our roost. To contact me, email me at


  1. I love the idea of style of the week, I while I love the outfits, I have to admit, the original description is misleading. I love the outfits are cute and in style. However, it originally said style of the week was supposed to display unique and creative and cute fashion choices. All of the outfits shown so far are nice, but are the current trend in the world of fashion. I couldn’t really say they’re what I first expected. Maybe a suggestion- it seems you’re always running out to get the pictures at the last minute… perhaps don’t procrastinate and give it more thought. I’ve seen plenty of Rock Bridge students wearing clothes they are unique, creative, fashionable and still look good. You’re not showcasing that… you’re showcasing what people already see. Go for something that really shows RBHS’ individuality and creativity!

    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate the positive feedback and criticism, and will definitely try harder to bring unique styles. This is a new thing for me, and unfortunately I’m still learning. But I really appreciate you reading and giving some quality advice!


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