This winter Sophi Farid, one of the core leaders of RBRO’s Wheelers and Dealers, decided to start an Adopt-a-Resident program at Rock Bridge. She wanted to make the holidays special for the residents at South Hampton Nursing Home. Sophi asked students to “adopt a resident” by buying a Christmas gift for them. All of the residents were adopted, and about a week later, Sophi had wrapped over 80 gifts. Today was Southampton’s annual Christmas party that featured residents’ family and friends, a visit from Santa, a ham and turkey dinner and a table full of desserts. Santa passed out the gifts to all of the residents as a fantastic way to end off the celebration. Every resident received two or three packages, one through the Adopt-a-Resident program and others from the nurses at Southampton and various companies that independently donated. The smiles on their faces when they received their gifts were priceless. After the great success of the program this year, RBRO hopes to make this program an annual tradition.

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By Kelsey Harper


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