Style of the Week: Nick Whitworth

Whitworth sports a pair of bright yellow tights after losing a bet over fantasy football. Photo by Patrick Smith
Whitworth sports a pair of bright yellow tights after losing a bet over fantasy football. Photo by Patrick Smith

While I was eating lunch the other day, the southside hallway exploded in laughter. Senior Alyssa Sykuta came sprinting down the ramp and nearly skidded along the tile as she stopped by me. “Lauren,” she said, grinning, “I found you a Style of the Week.”

I’ll admit; I was a little anxious. Style of the Week was running along some obscure lines as it was. Some people wanted “cute” fashions, others wanted items that were crazy, wild and “unique.” Some wanted more culture, others wanted to reflect the trend in the student body. And all of this was supposed to be defined by what is “fashionable.”

But I trusted Alyssa. I told her to go ahead, and she rushed back up the ramp, snapped a few pictures, and returned to me with an image of sophomore Nick Whitworth.

I burst out laughing. He was wearing a pair of yellow tiger stripe tights with a blue hoodie and mailman hat. I knew it was time to take a risk with this Style of the Week.

Name: Nick Whitworth, sophomore

Situation: Whitworth, an avid fantasy football player, lost a bet to senior Brad Meister. The deal was that whoever lost the fantasy football match would be forced to wear tights for an entire day at school. Whitworth, losing by two points, chose a pair of tiger stripe tights.

Hoodie: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Hat: Gift from uncle

Shoes: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Tights: Found in parents’ closet

“A couple people have taken off my [sweatpants] to see the tights,” Whitworth said. “It’s been very embarassing … But I lost the bet.”

By Lauren Puckett

  • My name is Lauren Puckett, and I’m one of the A&E section editors for The Rock. I’m a senior, and a member of City Lights show choir and the Varsity Acting Squad. Besides singing, acting, and participating in my church’s activities, I like to write every story I can get my hands on. Writing is what I love, and it’s what I want to do with my life. Other than that, I’m a ridiculous blonde who likes Arnold Palmer and raspberry yogurt pretzels. I’m a Ravenclaw and I’d probably hail from District 8 or 11, although I doubt I’d survive the Hunger Games. Feel free to shoot me an email or come say hello—you’ll probably find me in the choir hallway or the journalism room. You know us “artsy kids”—we don’t ever leave our roost. To contact me, email me at

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