Unexpected portraits

Today I dabbled in the art of portrait-making with the help of some of my sophomores in advisory. It’s amazing what shines through when you plop someone in front of a grey backdrop with nothing but the clothes on their back and blinding spot-lights in their face. Or perhaps hand them a pair of goggles as well? It’s not a scenario most of us are used to being in, and it brings out something different in all of us. Some cope by putting on a mask (hypothetical or literal), others become shy or bubbly. Some are perfectly at home, but they all share a piece of themselves with the camera, and I have the privilege of sharing those pieces with you. Enjoy.

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By Aniqa Rahman 

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  1. Trisha Chaudhary

    I love the story that each of these tells and I agree with Urmila. It’s amazing what can happen when you put a person in front of a camera and get to see their personality shine through.

  2. Urmila Kutikkad

    these are brilliant. I absolutely love how much each photo says.


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