Junior Tricia Hill

After last night’s final decision by the Columbia Public School board regarding the start times for elementary, middle and high school students in the coming year, students share multiple opinions about the late start time administrators agreed on. Preparing to adapt to school being held from 8:55 a.m. to 4:05 p.m. next August, thoughts are mixed as to whether the times suit or conflict with schedules and lives of both students and teachers. However, administrators are currently discussing the possibility for zero hour classes as an alternative for schedules regarding the late start and later release time.

Bearing News asked RBHS students:

1. How will the new start time affect you and your schedule?

2. If you could take certain classes as a zero hour, which classes would you like to see offered?


Sophomore Tricia Hill
Sophomore Tricia Hill

Tricia Hill, sophomore

“Well, I’m on the Rock Bridge Bruin girls dance team and our coaches were talking about it and they said that they want to actually start practice earlier so we can get out. I think that ill actually have to wake up earlier but I think that on the days that I have off at 9 o’clock I think its going to be nice because honestly a lot of us high schoolers procrastinate enough to where we start our homework at the same time even though we get home at 3,4 or 5- we all start at 7, 8, 9. So I feel like we will actually have more time to sleep in and I think ill really appreciate it.”

“I think P.E. would be a good one to have. But I really mean anything else…I’m in a career center class and I wouldn’t mind having that if I got out earlier. But not really anything in particular. Especially if you were taking fitness walking or something that gets hot in the afternoon, in the morning everyone says its nicer to have PE.”


Junior Elexis Ferguson
Junior Elexis Ferguson

Elexis Ferguson, junior

“It will affect me because I do sports and I don’t need to be here all of the time because I only need like three and a half credits to graduate and if I want to keep continuing to do sports I would have to stay until 4 p.m. which is pointless. And working [after school] would be pointless because I start my job at four and I don’t really want to have to uproot and find another job so its hard nowadays and its just inconvenient, unorganized and a waste of time. We are in high school and we should be the ones getting out early, not middle schoolers and that’s how I feel.”

“Basically all the classes I need I guess that would still be required. The only thing is being able to still do sports without having to stay until four o’clock. If they could do that, not all the seniors need the credits and the majority of the sports people are seniors and its just pointless for them to stay all day if they don’t have to.”


Junior Mubinah Kahleel
Junior Mubinah Khaleel




Mubinah Khaleel, junior

“I don’t like it because I have sports to do and I don’t want morning practices and other practices will be really late.”

“Probably like math classes. I don’t know why. Might as well [get it out of the way early].”


Sophomore Lucas Wyatt
Sophomore Lucas Wyatt






Lucas Wyatt, sophomore

“I feel like it starting at 9 a.m., like with track and stuff it will be kind of hard if we have to start in the morning but the days that we do have off will be really nice.”

“Nothing in particular but P.E. classes would be nice to take in the morning.”



Junior Tricia Hill
Junior Emily Holtmeyer



Emily Holtmeyer, junior

“Super interested. I would want to see like core classes like math and US [studies] but I don’t know what they have planned over at the career center.”




Junior Hunter Berks
Junior Hunter Berks




Hunter Berks, junior

“Moving from three o’clock to four o’clock getting out, that is really going to cut into peoples jobs and such but it will be better for some kids like sophomores and stuff who have to wait for their parents to get off work.”

“It would just be an extra block for free. I would be interesting to see if career center classes could do that because I’m in photonics classes over there and I would want to take that zero hour.”



By Kaitlyn Marsh

How will new school start times affect you?


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  1. I really like how this story has many different views of the students since we are the ones that will be effected by the later start times. We have very strong opinions about the matter, and I feel like more people should have heard them before they made the final decision.

  2. I’m sorry, but this was just too diffucult to read. First of all, the responses were sooo long. Second, the grammer and spelling were terrible. “I’ll spelled as ill…”.I understand you can’t change what a person says, and a lot of students talk in run-ons, but at least add commas!


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