Some photography has a purpose — to portray truth, the beautiful along with the not-so-beautiful. Some photography tells stories, delving into the depths of human emotion and memory… and then there’s the photography that exists without purpose, simply because it can. Maybe there’s nothing useful about art photography, but there’s something about the process of making it that is incredibly satisfying. Maybe you share this enthusiasm and maybe you don’t, but if nothing else, I hope you can derive some enjoyment from chasing down the bulb of garlic in each photograph.

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Happy hunting,

By Aniqa Rahman

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Aniqa (pronounced On-eh-kah) is a perfect, pleasant and phenomenal photographer for The Rock and Bearing News. But all alliteration aside, Aniqa is one of the most amiable people around. Her smiles are infections, her sense of style is pulchritudinous, and her many talents are just plain precious. She can cut hair like no other and sing and dance at the same time, which explains why our beautiful belle is in show choir. And if singing and dancing isn't already quite the mix, Aniqa can also play the ukulele, guitar and piano (though not at the same time). She loves to hike, and is in the recently resurrected True False Film Club. If you see Aniqa in the hallways, don't be afraid to give her a hearty "Bonjour!" (yes, she'll understand since she's also in French Honors Society), because you'll receive in return a beautiful smile that will definitely make your day.



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