A few nights ago, as it was cold and rainy, all I planned to do was sit inside. I’d spent hours studying for a math exam, and I wanted to get into bed and let someone else’s written words wash over me. I was drained, but as I hurried from my car door to my house door, I breathed in the night air. I thought about how long it’d been since I spent time outside. And I decided, never mind it’s late, never mind it’s dark, never mind it’s raining, never mind it’s cold. I’m not spending another night inside.

By Asa Lory

Oh, and I’m trying out a new format for this blog post. Just click on the first picture to see the slideshow!

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  1. Mikayla Bessey

    This is so cool, Asa! You are so talented with photography. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Blake Becker

    It’s pretty radical

  3. Najeebah

    Asa, these photos look awesome!


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