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Senior night brings home a win

[heading]RBHS win, defeating Blair Oaks 25-17.[/heading]Senior night. A night when soon-to-be graduates are recognized for their hard work and accomplishments over their period of sporting performance at RBHS. Last night, the senior volleyball girls were congratulated for their years on the team in front of the crowd.

The seniors this year included nine varsity players, Jessica Lambert, Ali Kreklow, Madison Boyken, Kayla Cheadle, Chayla Cheadle, Emma Briggs, Hannah Krogman, Audrey Holt, Jenna Bartok and Annah Webber.

Seniors Jessica Lambert and Chayla Cheadle exchange excitement as they switch places on the court. Photo by Brittany Cornelison.
Seniors Jessica Lambert and Chayla Cheadle exchange excitement as they switch places on the court. Photo by Brittany Cornelison.

As players walked across the RBHS gymnasium ready to play their last volleyball game of their high school career, emotions were high.  Event the underclassmen were undergoing bittersweet feelings as they hugged their teammates who would soon be moving on, no longer playing on the same team. Junior Bailey Lawson grew close to the seniors on the team and was emotional as she watched them cross the court for a final time.

“It was sad for me because I’m going to miss them next year like crazy. They are all inspirational girls that I’ve seen grow for the past three years and have all impacted my life in amazing ways,” Lawson said. “But I was happy for them, knowing that they are all going on to bigger and better things and that they all have bright futures ahead of them.”

The seniors were emotional, as well. As their names were called they hugged their coach and teammates, then walked out to center court where they were met by their parents, the people who have been cheering them on since day one. This celebration was subtle, but it recognized each of the girls’ hard work and effort put forth during their years of commitment to RBHS volleyball.

Senior Annah Webber has played as a setter for RBHS for three years now, working her way up from junior varsity to the position she now holds on the varsity team. But the friendships she has made are one’s that will last a lifetime, Webber said, as she will never forget the time she has had with this team.

“Thankfully we still have a few more games together so I think that took away some of the emotions,” Webber said. “It was crazy … it doesn’t feel real that this is the last time playing at Rock Bridge. ”

The match following the senior spotlight was the seniors’ last chance to shine on their home court. Though many of them will go off to play volleyball for a new “home team”, this last game was one to be remembered.

The RBHS girls were matched up against the Blair Oaks  falcons. The match started off started off strong with the bruins on top, 14-8. They never let their guard down and managed to keep their spirits high finishing out the first set with a score of 25-17.

“Usually it’s more intense, but tonight we really wanted it so we fought a lot harder,” Webber said.

And they continued to fight through until the end of the second set. They moved more quickly and got a head start of 15-9 against the falcons. The girls stayed focused and slid into another win, 25-14. This win was exciting for the team because the last time they played the falcons they came up short, however they have been practicing how to defend against this tough competition each day in practice.

“I think we played well. Last year, we lost in three at Blair Oaks and we were ready to bring them a good game,” Lawson said. “We really executed everything we have been focusing on in practice.”

In addition to the varsity win, the junior varsity gained a win as well. However, their win was a very close call. They inched in and won their first set, 25-22 and lost their second, 21-25. The Falcons couldn’t quite bounce back into the third resulting in another bruin win, 25-10.

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By Brittany Cornelison

The girls volleyball team will play again Tuesday, Oct. 21st at Francis Howell. Stay tuned to for the results of future away games.

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