5 JFK articles every American should read

5 JFK articles every American should read
JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy departing at Love Field Dallas. Image used under Fair Press Doctrine

Fifty years ago today, America witnessed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was hit by two bullets from Lee Harvey Oswald’s gun and died just a few hours later.  The fourth president in history to die in office, JFK’s death became a watershed moment in American History.

Since that fateful day, theories have developed as to what really transpired Nov. 22, 1963. Conspiracies have emerged including, additional citizens, the Mob and even other branches of government. Despite the confusion surrounding the event, one thing can be agreed upon: America lost an icon 50 years ago today.

Below are 5 articles every American should read.

1. JFK Assassination: Many theories, but no ‘real evidence’ of a conspiracy (NBC News)

JFK’s assassination is perhaps one of the most speculated events in American history, and far more books have been written on Kennedy’s assassination than on his actual presidency. When considering his death, conspiracies have become commonplace, with almost four out of every five Americans believing that his assassination was more than it seems.

2. JFK assassination: What if Kennedy had survived Lee Harvey Oswald’s bullet? (The Telegraph)

Historian Tim Stanley examines what would have happened had JFK survived the assassination. Along with a video and short blurb on the president, Stanley argues that the public’s opinion of the man may very well have been diametrically opposed to what it is now.

3. Five Ways Kennedy’s Assassination Changed Presidential Security Forever (ABC News)

Along with a HUGE increase of the number of Secret Service members (513 in 1963 to an astounding 3,200 today) and lifetime coverage for former presidents and their families. In addition to these new security measures, future presidents would lose much of their former freedom in favor of stricter safety measures. It’s a quick, but fascinating article.

4. JFK assassination: Alistair Cooke’s dispatches for the Guardian (The Guardian)

Today, the Guardian has published their original print coverage of the assassination online for readers. With original photos and stories from 50 years ago, the site has an extraordinary collection of articles from the period complete with links to view the full articles.

5. Livestream of CBS’ 1963 coverage of JFK assassination (CBS News)

Relive the historic event through CBS’ vintage coverage of November 22, 1963. The first network to coverage the event, CBS has unleashed a treasure trove of history for the 50th anniversary. Beginning today at 1:38 p.m. ET, CBS will livestream the event online. Don’t miss out on this interesting piece of history.

By Ashleigh Atasoy

Do you think JFK’s assassination was a conspiracy? If so, who do you think was really responsible for his death?

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