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Show Choir Festival Preparation

Rock Bridge’s show choir season begins full force once the time comes. The week before the Annual Festival, City Lights and Satin N’ Lace face a brutal week of constant practice, use of creativity and aching legs. But, how does all this work pay off?

It all begins with the Thursday premiere, the first chance for choirs to prove their talents and hard work to a entertainment-hungry audience. This year, the  premier kicked the season off with a bang, with amazing solos, facials and hard dancing. The audience received all shows extremely well, commenting that the future season would be jaw-dropping.

After the premiere, both choirs prep for the Saturday festival. The Friday before consists of room preparation for visiting choirs, painting posters and making pounds and pounds of meals for everyone to enjoy. Also on Friday, each choir performs for choreographers and vocal geniuses for a formal critique of the show. These critiques are vital for the growth and perfection of the working choir.

Finally, the day of the festival brings an early morning into an awfully late night. Choirs arriving at Rock Bridge at six in the morning requires many members to be to school by 7:30. With no sleep and tired feet, choir students walk, run and sing with smiles and optimism for the day ahead, only waiting to to perform for their visiting peer choirs later in the night.

The first week of the season is vital for every choir, especially Rock Bridge. Some of our photographers wanted to capture the preparation and hard dedication of these members. We’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Photos by Maribeth Eiken and Mikaela Acton















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