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Students continue to disagree with schedule for next year

As a response to the discontent about Bruin Block, the schedule for next year has been changed so that Bruin Block will only happen twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

This is the schedule for Monday, Tuesday, and Friday created by Bryce Cordry. Photo by Devesh Kumar

At the beginning of its first year of running at RBHS, freshman Zach Doster and Ben Howser started small petitions but those petitions did not lead to any changes.

“My concerns are that most of the lessons that are taught in Bruin Block are very irrelevant to our lives, they shouldn’t be taught in a classroom and more of a lesson we learn from life,” freshman Zach Doster said. “I really do believe it oppresses the belief that Rock Bridge is a school that is outlined by freedom with responsibility.”

A recent survey of 400 by The Rock was handed to a third of the freshmen and sophomore classes. One of the questions asked whether “Bruin Block helps with academic success;” 87 percent of the students surveyed answered with a “disagree” or a “strongly disagree” to that statement.

Another statement was “I would rather have longer classes or an extra 30 minute study hall;” 76 percent of the people answered “agree” or “strongly agree.” It seems underclassmen would rather have longer classes or an extra 30-minute study hall.

Mast said school administrators didn’t have a Bruin block for upperclassmen because the upperclassman weren’t used to having Bruin Block and had a year without Bruin Block. The underclassmen had Bruin Block to begin with so they didn’t have a taste of Rock Bridge without Bruin Block.

This is the schedule for Wednesday and Thursday created by Bryce Cordry. Photo by Devesh Kumar

“We didn’t want to take away any freedom from the upperclassman because they were used to having freedom since they had a year before Bruin Block,” Mast said. “We implemented this Bruin Block policy for only current freshmen and sophomores because they hadn’t had the feel for the freedom, and they got Bruin Block just as they entered the school.”

Bruin Block has been frowned upon since the beginning of  the school year. This new Bruin Block policy is a step towards reducing Bruin Block but there is still a large population that doesn’t agree with it. However, there are some people that like this new Bruin Block policy and doesn’t want it to change.

“[The like day scheduling] will be a lot nicer for me because I have to stay after school till about seven o’clock on days that I have to post schedules,” Bryce Cordry, a media center helper, said. “Next year, that will already be there so it would just be one less schedule to put up.”

By Devesh Kumar

How would you want to schedule to be like?

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Dvesh Kumar June 13, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Hey Izzy, I just want to tell you that there will never be a point in RBHS when they will cancel Bruin Block. Bruin Block will always be there. The only thing that will change is the schedule and the freedom that they give us in Bruin Block.

Izzy June 3, 2014 at 11:41 am

I think this new schedule is substantially better than this school years schedule. However, I feel like it COULD be even better! No bruin block in my opinion is the best resolution to this problem! #nobruinblock!

Izzy, Sophomore


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