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A few weeks back, the current HOSA officers went to a leadership conference and learned about ways to contribute back to our society and how to expand HOSA in our community and bring people into this wonderful club.

The officers met with each other a week after the conference and brainstormed the plan for the entire year and how to contribute back to society. Upon collaboration, they decided on participating in a blood drive with the American Red Cross. CACC is challenging Battle HOSA chapter on the number of units of blood donated. The winner will receive a price from the Red Cross.

Aside from the blood donation on January 12th, HOSA is also planning on having a tea party for little kids around the time of Valentine’s day. They are still working with their advisors to set the date and brainstorm ideas for this tea party.

As these events occur, I will post some pictures of how the event went and what the HOSA chapter learned from them. For more information about upcoming HOSA activities, visit

Photos by Devesh Kumar

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Siena Juhlin April 14, 2016 at 10:46 pm

This is such a cool idea and I love how students can take the initiative and do something to benefit other people without expecting anything in return.


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