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Students should utilize RBHS resources to aid in finding careers

High schoolers seem to have a difficult time figuring out what interests them for a career. Many students go to college with an undecided major, but with all the opportunities given at RBHS they should try harder to figure it out.

Last year, a survey done by YouthTruth, showed that out of 165,000 high school students only 44.8 percent knew and felt prepared for college and their careers. Despite the high number of unprepared students, it is their responsibility to use their time in high school to try out new classes in order to see what kind of career they might enjoy or dislike. Students who say it is too hard to figure out their college major are not taking advantage of the resources RBHS offers, and are not trying hard enough to find their career or find an interest for the future.

Besides classes that would aid students in finding an interest, they could take skill based classes in school such as journalism, cuisine, sewing, interior design or Advanced Placement science classes. Furthermore, RBHS is fortunate enough to be right next to the Columbia Area Career Center (CACC).

At the CACC there are classes for students to help figure out their interests, such as, culinary, agriculture, sciences, medical and even welding classes. Students can even talk to teachers for advice and insight on what career they should go into. School counselors are also available to provide information to help students.

Because RBHS and the CACC offer so many classes and resources, kids do not have an excuse for not knowing their future career.

While finding your future should not be a stressful activity, students should recognize the importance of considering their options for careers. Students have to at least attempt to find what they might like to do so they can pick a major for college.

If a person knows what they want their job to be in high school, then they’ll have goals for ACT scores and will have an easier time looking for colleges because certain colleges are better for certain careers.

Students in college often change their majors one or two times, which is okay. But in high school students should take advantage of the opportunities RBHS provides. Even if students are still undecided on their career, if they experience multiple classes in high school, then they’ll at least have an idea what they do and do not like.

To the students who have no idea what career is right for them, try stepping outside comfort zones. The more experiences the better. In high school students have more than one job than being a student. They should also be preparing for the future, college is not that far away and it’s always good to start decisions about college majors sooner than later. Utilize school time to explore your options to find a career.


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Ben Kimchi November 1, 2016 at 11:01 pm

I agree entirely with the statement that having a better idea of what you want to do in high school will aid you in college, and Rock Bridge offers a wide range of options to help students do this. I found it interesting that less than half of high school students felt ready for college. Maybe teachers could help encourage students to prepare for college or at least point them in the right direction.

Jadyn Lisenby November 1, 2016 at 7:47 pm

As a student at RBHS, I agree that having many career classes to explore what interests a student is very helpful in preparation for college. It can at least give a student an idea of what they like or don’t like by taking a class at the career center.


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