Experience the first ever CoMo Cow lip sync competition

For the first time ever, CPS high schools have combined their traditional lip sync competitions, Golden Cow (RBHS), Purple Cow (HHS, and Blue Cow (BHS) into a Columbia-wide competition, CoMo Cow.

Witness the first ever COMO Cow, a lip-sync battle between RBHS, HHS, and BHS. See Rock Bridge’s Catastrophe (9:17), Hickman’s Steering (4:24), The Cheerleaders of Hickman (20:19), and the Graduators (30:57), and Battle’s Broadway Squadway (13:34). Also, be sure to check out the teacher teams, Battle’s Back to the Teacher (38:17), Rock Bridge’s Deja Moo (13:55), and Hickman’s Kewpie Karaoke (51:40).


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