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on new bill blocking online privacy

Monday April 3, President Donald Trump signed a bill into law blocking existing online privacy regulation. This regulation would have taken affect later this year, but by using the Congressional Review Act, President Trump blocked it.

The law allows internet providers to see and sell information regarding what people have looked at online. White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer said President Trump’s goal with was to reverse the federal overreach in which bureaucrats in Washington take the interest of one group of companies over the interest of others.

Although some providers such as Google, already have the power to see what websites users have visited, this law may seem like a violation of privacy to some people.

Is this new bill a violation of American’s privacy?
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"I think that this bill is a violation of our rights because the people of America have the right to search what they want in the privacy of their home, without it being viewed by other people."—Grace Dyer, freshman"Yes because the information the [internet] providers can take, can then be collected or saved to be profited from without the permission of the people that they stole it from."—Kai Ford, sophomore"It's kind of a violation but at the same time you're putting all of that information out there, so if you don't put it out there, they can't use it." —Linnaea Roberson, senior"It is our right has human beings to have privacy, but the thing is in our modern day, these days, people share everything throughout their social media. When events like this [bill] happens, people find out and they are like, 'oh no we need our privacy,' but they still share every second of what they are doing throughout social media."—Raghad Nasradleen, junior"I don't think it's that bad, because when you look something up and you're shopping online, then when later you are using the internet, it pops up with those ads, it's not really that bad. It's not really hurting anyone, so I don't see the problem." —Lauren Clayton, sophomore

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