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on school shootings

There have been 20 deaths related to school shootings since the beginning of 2018. These casualties have been a result of some of the 18 gun-related incidents that have taken place at schools across the nation since the turn of the year, which amounts to roughly three shootings per week.

The most recent -and deadly- occurrence of 2018 happened Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

A former student of the school, Nikolas Cruz, who had been expelled for unspecified behavioral issues, entered the school wearing a gas mask and carrying a rifle, smoke grenades and ammunition cartridges. He set off the fire alarm, aiming to have students leave classrooms and pour out into the hallways.

Many students in the school assumed it was a drill, as they had practiced a fire drill earlier that day. It wasn’t until students heard the sound of gunshots did they know there was an active intruder.

Seventeen students and staff died in the incident, respectively. The gunman killed three people outside the school before entering one of the school’s buildings and killing 12 more. The last two died later in the hospital because of their injuries. An additional 15 students and staff were injured.

The event in Florida marks the sixth school shooting this year that has wounded or killed students.

"I guess I do feel less safe, but it's more that it makes me worry that it can happen at our school... but other than that I think the school has security measures [to prevent it].""I don't feel less safe. Although I know I should. Even though there have been more school shootings, I think most people will continue to feel relatively safe until it's too late because no one could imagine it happening in their school.""No, I've always fully known there's a chance of a school shooting at our school and I feel like this shooting doesn't increase the chances.""No, not really because it's becoming more frequent and there's not much more that schools can do to prevent this and it's just becoming a bigger issue and not much is getting done to solve it because you can't really do that much anymore. You could take more steps, but ultimately people are going to find ways around it."

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