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Dominic Giofre of Honey Ice Cream at RBB. Photo by Bailey Stover.

People of Roots n Blues n BBQ – Dominic Giofre, Honey Ice Cream

Dominic Giofre, owner of Honey Ice Cream in Columbia, worked a stand at the Roots n Blues n Barbecue festival along with his small staff Saturday afternoon. Giofre’s business started as a hobby, but evolved into a career lasting nearly a decade so far.

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Why did you first start beekeeping?

“Why beekeeping? We started keeping bees, my wife started. It was just going to be a hobby, something for us to do, and we went from one hive to over 100 hives. So it was a hobby that turned into a job.”

How long have you been in this business?

“We’ve been doing this for three years as far as making the ice cream and selling the ice cream. Beekeeping we’ve been doing for 10 years, and we just naturally evolved into this. It is what you see.”

How large is your staff?

“This is pretty much it right here. We have five employees and we’re growing.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“Doing the sales calls and getting out and expanding our line.”

Why did you decide to have a stand at Roots n Blues?

“We just came to get our name out there, get a little bit of recognition for our company. This was the third year we came and [we] have a good time.”

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