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Zoe McDermit preforming at RBB Friday evening. Photo by Bailey Stover.

People of Roots n Blues n BBQ – Zoe McDermit

Zoe McDermit, a Columbia native and Hickman High School graduate, spent her time Friday evening, the first day of the Roots n Blues n Barbecue festival, entertaining onlookers at Roots n Blues. McDermit dedicated part of her time performing for curious spectators while music from various bands played in the background.

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What do you use when you preform?

“This is a flow wand or a levitation stick. It’s a flow prop, basically like a hoolahoop. And if you’ve ever seen anybody hoolahoop, I do that as well. It’s just controlled by a string, and it’s like a magic trick with dance.”

What introduced you to this form of performance?

“I used to spin with Burn Circus for a short period of time, and one of the people there gave me a short string wand and once I got a long string one, I just, like, fell in love with it.”

How long have you been coming to Roots and Blues?

“I have been going to Roots and Blues since it was free, actually. [I’m a] big fan of the roots and the blues. I also live across the street, so it’s amazing having a festival across the street from your house.”

What is your favorite part of Roots and Blues?

“Every year it’s a different artist. This year I’m really excited to see Sturgill Simpson more than anything. I’ve been listening to him for a really long time, and I never got the chance to see him live.”

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