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A World of Sounds

A collage of included album covers.

Approaching “World of Sounds” as a spotify playlist was incredibly hard. The goal was to strike a balance between showing off music from parts of the world less familiar to those and rock bridge while still presenting music that I would actually listen to.

To preface this I’d like to say that I went at this spotify from the angle of my westernized tastes, so as much as I’d like this to be a truly worldly playlist, it really isn’t all encompassing by any stretch. With that in mind, there is a reason that I felt inclined to write this greater than “that’s a cool idea for a playlist!”

I personally listen to music from all around the world all the time. Two primary reasons come to mind. The language barrier, while intimidating, can be a gift with music. Not only does it allow for music to be expressed differently than possible in English, but there is no mental interference.

Writing an essay? Throw on some K-POP! It is so much easier to write while listening to music when it isn’t jumbling your train of thought. Yet, even worldly music in English is appealing. The different accents, intonations and inflections of other parts of the English speaking world can add another level of interest and intricacy.

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