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on the National day of Mourning for George H. W. Bush

Today marked the National day of mourning for former president George H. W. Bush. Born on June 12 1924, Bush accomplished many things throughout his lifetime, many taking place during his presidency, before passing away on Nov. 20, 2018. He died from vascular Parkinsonism. His funeral of state took place earlier today. Former President Bush’s lies in state ceremony was held yesterday so that the public could pay their respects. A separate private funeral service for friends and family is to be held tomorrow in Texas. Friends and family alike have gathered to mourn the passing of this former president. Bush contributed many things to this country and will be remembered with great respect. Shall he rest in peace.

Do you believe that high school students should have been more informed about the National day of mourning for George H. W. Bush?

Reis Coy, senior

Maddie Marrero, junior

Raymond Foster, sophomore

“Yes, I feel like everyone should know that because he was like one of our presidents. If no one knew about the topic it just shows how uneducated we are about that topic. That sucks because we are all US citizens and we all follow our president, but we don’t know that there’s a day set aside for one of our presidents because no one pays attention that much.”

“I think it is important to know. I mean it probably isnt as impactful to [highschoolers] because he was never our president. We never got to interact with him really. His policies never impacted us really. I think it is important to acknolegde that he was still a leader and he did alot for people”

“Yeah, I think it is pretty important because he is a historical figure in America”

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Ross December 8, 2018 at 2:39 pm

I agree that we should be taught more about past presidents, especially after they die just because of the impact they’ve previously had on the country.


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