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Photo by Snowy Li

Genney Zheng

What stereotype do you wish didn't exist?


I am a Chinese person, and there is a stereotype that Chinese people are bad tourists when they go to different countries, and it’s true, there are some cases where there are a lot of Chinese tour groups where they are disrespectful to a different culture – sometimes they’re too loud, or they’re messing up a monument or something. It kind of bothers me because I’ve had an experience where I traveled to Korea […] and I was speaking Chinese to my mom, and we went to a restaurant, and there was this Korean waiter [who] said that he wouldn’t serve us because he thought we would make a mess. Actually we’re not sure if he said that or not, but then he said that you have to pay first, which is kind of weird because you first eat and then pay, so we had to pay first because he knew that we were Chinese people, and we have this reputation of being messy in different places so I feel like people should be more aware of that; not every Chinese person is like that. The restaurant wasn’t that good either.
Photo by Snowy Li

Genney Zheng, sophomore

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