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Jannah Elkomy

What stereotype do you wish didn't exist?



One stereotype I would want to change about is Arabs. Arab men are NOT aggressive and women are NOT abuse or overworked. This bothers me because the way someone acts is not by culture. Also I think it’s crazy to think that all Arab men are aggressive and that’s just a fact. They really aren’t and people need to stop thinking they act the same way that people think they act. One stereotype I would want to erase is that Asian does NOT mean Chinese. I am from Asia as a continent but that doesn’t mean I follow Chinese culture. I have different beliefs and values because I’m from a different country in Asia. I don’t want people to think “China” when I say I’m from Asia, because I want them to understand that I’m not Chinese.
Photo by Anjali Noel Ramesh

Jannah Elkomy, freshman

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