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Jocelyn Ash

What stereotype do you wish didn't exist?

Photo by Audrey Novinger

“The stereotype I get most criticized about isn’t the common, ‘Oh, you’re Asian, you must be a genius’ or, ‘since you’re Asian you must only be good at academics and everything else in the academic area’ but instead, I get criticized about how I look. Due to the fact that I wear more western clothing instead of traditional Asian clothing, they assume I’m a whitewashed Asian who rejected my culture. It is a false statement that needs to be relooked at when coming up with stereotypes about Asians who are dealing with this problem. Many of the people who assume this stereotype about me have no idea about my background, they don’t know my story and they have no information about me except for the clothes I wear which doesn’t justify the stereotype of me rejecting my culture. It’s a hurtful assumption to make about me because it makes it seem like I’m a terrible human being who has rejected who I am and ashamed of what my people have accomplished which is not true and indeed a false stereotype. I believe that people should be more cautious when categorizing Asians into stereotypes, for it’s not always true. There is a motto that we all learn from a young age about treating others with respect: ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’ I believe this motto can not only be applied to our actions toward one another but also the stereotypes we imply toward one another. Stereotypes are never going to disappear, but if we as people look past the color of skin and the assumptions applied to it, our world would be less broken.”

Jocelyn Ash

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