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Summer school enrollment opens tomorrow; students should sign up fast

Summer school online enrollment opens tomorrow, Feb. 5, said guidance receptionist Teresa Geyer. Currently, the link to sign up is not live; however, it can be found here tomorrow.    

“High school students can sign themselves up. It doesn’t have to be a parent,” Geyer said. “We are just encouraging students to sign up online and not be filling out a paper.”

Junior Nora Hollister encourages students to sign up fast or else risk one’s preferred class filling up. Popular classes such as Drivers E.D, health online or physical education are known to fill up within a week.

“Last year, I applied a lot faster because I remember the year before I almost didn’t get into the class,” said Hollister.

If one hopes to take in class, rather than online, summer school, students must prepare to attend at least 16 of the 19 days or else not receive credit. Freshmen Reece Richards knows she will be busy during the summer; therefore, she plans to take online classes.

“I will be working,” Richards said, “so it’s easier if I can do it at work rather than coming in.”

Hollister and Richards both appreciate the opportunity of summer school as it helps to alleviate the school year class code. Hollister also said last year that the curriculum and schedule were very simple and manageable.

“I liked the structure of it; it was like class time and then you get a break, and then you come back and you finish your class time,” Hollister said. “There’s no homework which is nice, and you get a credit out of the way.”

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Alma Jarbou February 7, 2019 at 2:03 pm

I remember how quickly last year’s summer classes were filled, I couldn’t get into a class even though I signed up same day!!


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