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Photo by Anjali Noel Ramesh

Jane Addams

Who do you think is the most influential woman?

I believe that the most influential woman in history was Jane Addams. She was really amazing and she did so much to help with civil rights, human rights, and she really strived to help as many people as she could. She was pivotal in the women’s suffrage movement, and she opened the Hull House, which was a settlement house in the slums of Chicago to help poor immigrant families. At that place, she helped the immigrant’s study for citizenship tests, learn english, and she taught at a daycare there. The Hull House also had music programs and it really grew in Chicago. Jane Addams was also super dedicated to helping people because she was the trash inspector, for the Hull House because she was so dedicated to sanitation. Really, she mostly traveled the world and tried to help spread the message of helping to everyone.
Photo by Anjali Noel Ramesh

Genny Harline, freshman

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