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Joanne Lee

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Joanne Lee, the Asian Sensation of the newspaper staff, frequently goes around declaring her love to anyone and everyone. When she’s not complimenting her friends, she enjoys taking showers in less than one minute, playing the cello while sitting on the toilet and reading good books. Joanne has many talents. She knows Korean, Latin and English and is able to produce flawless writing and pieces of art. She is the next Jacqueline Du Pre, although her favorite place to play (the bathroom) does not have much room for an audience. Joanne’s first sentence she spoke was a compliment; from then on, little more has come out of her mouth. She brightens any room she goes into with her beautiful smile and eloquent style (although sometimes she says she smells like mothballs.) She has been known to insult bus drivers and tip maids with Starbursts. -Wirtten by Kirsten Buchanan