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Jacqueline LeBlanc is the type of girl who laughs uncontrollably in awkward situations and always has something to say. She may possibly be the only girl in high school who never stopped obsessing over the Jonas Brothers, and is, as we speak, counting down the days until their reunion tour. Jacqueline is set apart by her enticing foreign beauty and infectious smile, which is almost always present on her beautiful face. She also likes to tell people that she is related to Matt LeBlanc, however, this fact may or may not be 100% true. Jacqueline has high aspirations in life such as being on Jeopardy, having her own personal Wikipedia page, and being the commissioner of the National Football League. However, 90% of the time Jacqueline can be found in the journalism room editing the commentary page, arguing with Anna, or tweeting for Bearing News. To contact Jacqueline, email her at (Written by Anna Wright)

When hotter heads prevail

Jacqueline LeBlanc
Then a freshman at Jefferson Junior High School, sophomore Larrell Green walked into his locker room ready to prepare for the last two football games...