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Luke is the outgoing and crazy of the juniors in Newspaper. He hates computers and prefers Motown and Classic Rock to today's hip hop and rap. Luke daily frequents either Panera Bread or B&B Bagel for breakfast. Despite his Czech ancestry, Luke prefers to dine on deep dish pizza and Chicago style hot dogs, as he is a native of Chicago. Luke is a Notre Dame fanatic, and often skips school to watch them play a variety of sports. As the commentary and blogs editor, Luke is the first ever sophomore editor for the Rock. (Written by Derek Wang)

Paul introduces Audit the FED bill to force higher accountability on Federal Reserve

Luke Chval
In a possible effort to bolster his yet-to-be-announced 2016 presidential campaign, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) introduced the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, which would leverage a...

Missouri bill plans to make testing necessary for graduation

Luke Chval
[heading size=”16″ margin=”10″]Teachers debate whether universal standard benefits students[/heading] The public school system in the United States already faces scrutiny for placing high importance on...