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Ji-Sung Lee

Ji-Sung Lee is a sophomore and a writer for the school newspaper. She enjoys being a part of the cross country team and cheering for her teammates. When she's not running, she loves spending time with friends and exploring new places.

Animals offer comforting connection

Animals often have the ability to comfort their owners with special ties and bonds. For some RBHS students, animals and pets can even create stronger connections than those with people.

Bruin Girls to place at National Dance Alliance

Despite losing six seniors from last year's competition team, the RBHS Bruin Girls team yet again secured itself a spot at the National Dance Alliance...

Consumers to save money through purchasing great value products rather than...

Customers find that for basic items, settling for an off brand name is fine as it can save money in the long run. But for products such as clothes and shoes, teens find that they don't mind spending extra for a popular brand name.

Students complain rather than seek help

Although a straight A report card may bring pride to students and parents, most kids know it comes with hours of homework, studying and...

CACC flower sale to benefit self-funded program

In hopes of funding the various floral classes in the CACC, students will put on a flower sale to benefit their curriculum.

School grades increase in difficulty with progressive brain development

While students may think each grade they move on to gets more difficult, in reality students are only building off the knowledge they have already learned.