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Maddie Magruder

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Maddie Magruder is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. No matter what, Maddie never fails to evoke a genuine smile. Her undying love for Fun, Mumford and Sons, and James Franco is really quite inspiring. Maddie’s natural habitat includes knitting, watching movies, belting out a Broadway song, or laughing so hard she cries. Maddie is a tremendous writer and Production Manager, a determined intellect, a fierce friend, et une actrice incroyable. You’ll really never meet a more loyal and down to earth person, not to mention questionably the most adorable girl on the planet. She’s just quirky and fun. Some say Maddie Magruder is a Disney princess. But Maddie is better than a Disney princess. She’s real. Contact Maddie Magruder, production editor, at By Julia Schaller.