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Dzung Nguyen

A kind, intelligent and hard-working senior artist Dzung Nguyen, despite spending lots of time on art and journalism, also boasts a busy schedule and several extracurricular activities. She particularly enjoys Korean popular culture and sloths.

The Rainey family’s perseverance shines through in ‘Quest’

Quest is one of those movies made where knowing how it was produced — slowly, over the course of a decade, in a close-knit...

Monet’s Water Lilies

Being an avid and long-term fan of Claude Monet, I have always sought opportunities to see his works in person. After hearing from one of my friends that the Nelson-Atkins Museum, two hours away from where I live, houses one of Monet’s pieces in his Water Lilies series, I was elated.

Velázquez’s Las Meninas

As an art player of the Rock Bridge Quiz Bowl team, I have the opportunity to study artworks on a weekly basis. During this process, I came across Diego Velázquez’s Las Meninas. Even though I was not in the Prado in Madrid looking directly at Las Meninas, I could still appreciate the painting’s depth and size.
Andy Goldsworthy's Stone River in front of the Stanford's Cantor Art Center. Photo by pictify.saatchigallery.com.

Goldsworthy’s Stone River

During the last week of my Stanford University summer adventure, our class took a trip to the Cantor Art Center, one of Stanford’s two...

Dali’s Persistence of Memory

Art has undoubtedly been an essential part of my life and my identity. When I was a little girl, I often came up with...