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Afsah Khan, the hard-working Editor In Chief for BearingNews, skates through life under the believable façade of a sweet, introverted Pakistani girl with flawless skin and an enticingly melodic laugh which graces the journalism room at the most unexpected times. Beneath her shy and collected exterior, however, Afsah is a crazy party girl at heart with a quick wit and the ability to politely insult anyone without them ever realizing it. She still dots her “i”s with tiny hearts and loves spending time with her family more than any teenager you’ll ever meet. She has lustrous dark hair which can always be found cascading gently over her left shoulder in a perfect side-ponytail. Afsah's greatest life aspiration involves a top-secret plan to kidnap Zayn Malik from his home in England and force him into an arranged marriage using memory-wiping potion and her irresistible charm. To Contact Afsah, email her at Bio by Anna Wright

Girls swimming and diving excels at Cape Girardeau meet

Afsah Khan
[heading]The girls swimming and diving team placed third in the Cape Girardeau meet this weekend.[/heading] While their classmates enjoyed the end of another long school...