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Elad Gov-Ari

Elad Gov-Ari comes from a lineage of great Rock Bridge journalist and looks to blaze a trail of his own. Despite being the Arts and Entertainment editor, Elad is able to cover any subject in the journalism department.

Mental illness shouldn’t be self-diagnosed

Mental illnesses like OCD and depression are often taken lightly, belittling the constant battle those afflicted fight with.

Doctors overprescribe drugs, feed epidemic

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) explains that the term “opioid” covers a variety of controlled substances that possess pain-reducing properties. The more common variations of the drugs are the schedule 1 drug Heroin, prescription drug Oxycodone and a synthetic variant, Fentanyl.

Principal Rukstad seeks way to encourage sobriety

CPS, schoolboard and principal Rukstad look to using breathalyzers at courtwarming dance.

Boys’ basketball to go up against Rockhurst Hawklets

With districts in the near future, the boys' basketball team gears up to face the Rockhurst Hawklets.