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Elad Gov-Ari

Elad Gov-Ari comes from a lineage of great Rock Bridge journalist and looks to blaze a trail of his own. Despite being the Arts and Entertainment editor, Elad is able to cover any subject in the journalism department.

Lady Bruins take home heartbreaking loss to Kirkwood Pioneers in double...

Pressure, energy and tenacity reigned over the paint as the Lady Bruins took on the Kirkwood Pioneers in the state semifinals championship. Every ball,...

Lady Bruins take victory in sectionals match up against Lebanon

Relentlessly scoring, the Lady Bruins stomped away their competition in their sectionals match-up against Lebanon, 61-43. Junior guard Katey Klucking scored an astounding 30...

Lady Bruins beat Jays in a nail-biting tied overtime

The Lady Bruins defeat the number 1 ranked Jays in tied over time 41-39.

Struggling to ‘make it’

As kids grow up, aspirations of being a rock star or actress are common. As students progress through school, these ambitious, creative field of...

Show Choir holds annual charity benefit

Come watch the RBHS show choir perform Thurs. February 2! Admissions are 5 dollars and all proceeds go towards the Vincent Gurruchi foundation!

Bruins beat Jays despite lack of energy

The Bruins tiredly beat the Jays 75-61, in a home-court match up.