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Elad Gov-Ari

Elad Gov-Ari comes from a lineage of great Rock Bridge journalist and looks to blaze a trail of his own. Despite being the Arts and Entertainment editor, Elad is able to cover any subject in the journalism department.

FCC to vote on net neutrality

The Federal Communications Committee will vote on whether to keep net neutrality. Update: The FCC voted 3:2 in favor of ending net neutrality.

Lady Bruins to take on Spartans

Next week, the Bruins will face off with the BHS Spartans. After a 5-1 record, the team is ready for their first home game of the season.

Lady Bruins crush Salem High School in first game of Sullivan...

Lady Bruins defeat Salem high school in a crushing 75-26 blow-out.

Lady Bruins bag exciting victory over Francis Howell

The Lady Bruins took on Francis Howell Tues. Dec. 5 and walked away with a 55-46 victory.