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Emily Franke, an adolescent prodigy, holds a broad spectrum of talents. When she's not acing her AP tests, she's a flutist in the prestigious Rock Bridge Marching Band, or perhaps playing a rough game of lacrosse. Also, she is a rescuer of the black kittens Bon Qui Qui and Shaniqua which she cares for like a good mama cat would do. She bakes like nobody's business, putting any iron chef to shame. Her incredible writing on Bearing News fascinates the world. Keep an eye on this one, folks.

RBHS journalists take home Pacemaker, Best of Show awards

Emily Franke
[heading size=”16″ margin=”10″]5 students claim individual awards in Write-Offs[/heading]After more than 12 hours on a bus, seven RBHS journalists arrived in Denver, Colorado for the Journalism...