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Hagar Gov-Ari

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Hagar Gov-Ari is one spicy piece of Jew. She’s not your average plate of hummus and adds an extra clove of garlic to every situation. Hagar has a knack for terrifying everyone that doesn’t know her and never fully wipes that annoyed expression off of her face. Though at first glance she can have you sprinting in the other direction, Hagar really is a gentle Jew who just wants the J-Writers to “finish their [dang] sports wrap-ups!” This petite hottie-patotie can either be found pulling her hair out in the J-lab or otherwise roaming the halls during AP US with her friend Alicia. Though it may not seem like it, Hagar really is just one big softie whose email to this day remains chubbygovari. (Written by Trisha Chaudhary) Hagar is the Editorials editor for The Rock and BearingNews. To contact Hagar, email her at