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Ji-Ho Lee

Ji-Ho Lee is a senior, co-editor-in-chief, production manager and editorials editor for The Rock and Bearing News. His two favorite people in the world are Jesus Christ and Ronald Reagan. He enjoys fishing and spending time with friends and family. He plays baseball for Rock Bridge and is a leader of the student section. He has a great taste in music and is a passionate fan of the Chicago Cubs, Bulls and Blackhawks.

Black history deserves more than a month

While February honors African-American history, this celebration should extend for more than 28 days.

Bruins dismantle Spartans in crosstown match

RBHS faced Battle for the second time this year on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Senior leadership defensively and an offensive spark from underclassmen propelled the team to success.

RBHS blows out Northeast

The offensive success of forwards Isiaih Mosley and Eysan Wiley, combined with an impressive display of defense, propelled RBHS to a win on Tuesday.

District curriculum varies based on school, class options

An investigation into the curriculum set up of CPS secondary schools and why certain classes are offered or paired.

Musical versatility and talent

For most infants a special blanket, a particular song or set of toys can mitigate a tearful tantrum. For Martin Shapiro, a piano did...

New anti-bullying law induces felony charge

A new Missouri law can result in a class E felony for students charged with causing distress through bullying.