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Jilly Dos Santos is a witty, high-strung political enthusiast with a passion for world cultures and blue grass music. If you tweet at her she will respond with lightning speed, simultaneously doing anything from playing tennis with friends to volunteering at any place that will have her. She has a superhuman ability to function without sleep for days, which is probably what allows her to accomplish so many things at once. Jilly is currently learning four languages in hopes of becoming a U.S. diplomat, but her ultimate aspiration is to marry an Argentinian man and raise authentic Argentinian children so she can grow up to become the proud Latina she was always meant to be. Finally, Jilly is a notorious food thief, not to mention a pajama hoarder, so guard your lunch and sleepwear when she’s around. Email her at: Biography written by Maddy Mueller (the dirty ginger in the profile picture).

Teachers say goodbye to Rock Bridge

Jilly Dos Santos
Biology teacher Shaunte’ Branham will no longer be gracing the halls of RBHS next year, but will be evaluating her options for the future. Branham...