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Kelsey Harper

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Kelsey Harper is one of those girls. The ones that has her essays done before the teachers assign them. The kind that spends 10 hours studying for a test you didn't even know you had. Kelsey is the definition of overachiever. And in case that isn't enough, she is also a walking, talking Wal-Mart. Need a Band-Aid? Kelsey has a Spider-Man one. Need a Kleenex? Kelsey has a whole box. Need extra undies after laughing a little too hard? Don't hesitate to ask Kelsey! You can almost always find her studying in the choir hallway or slaving away after school at show choir practices; probably accompanied by her two pillow pets. Get to know Kelsey and she will no doubt save you multiple times, whether it's answering that one calculus question you didn't understand, giving you an emergency Alka-Seltzer, or just being a great friend. Written by Trisha Chaudhary. To contact Kelsey, send an email to