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Maribeth never really knows what to expect. She finds herself fighting between being overly nice or extremely realistic, coming to an uncompromising medium in between the two. Working towards mastering her yogic practice while trying to balance on her own two feet while the future comes crashing in full force, Maribeth enjoys Anthony Bourdain’s sense of humor and disgusting taste in food, sleeping, singing and dancing at random intervals as if her life were a musical. It’s safe to say Maribeth is completely unique hard headed and a photography nerd who has a goal to laugh until she cries and watch as many movies as she can in this lifetime. Maribeth is the Photo Editor for The Rock and BearingNews. Contact her at

Show Choir Festival Preparation

Maribeth Eiken
Rock Bridge’s show choir season begins full force once the time comes. The week before the Annual Festival, City Lights and Satin N’ Lace face...