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Moy Zhong

Despite being the youngest artist of The Rock and Bearing News, sophomore Moy Zhong is wonderfully talented and creative. A percussionist in the Emerald Regiment and a hard worker, she enjoys taking photos with her Polaroid camera and listening to indie artists.

A blast from the past: the power of Pokémon

For my entire life, my family never been able to “settle down” like most people today. Before my residency in Columbia, Missouri, my family...

The Controversy Behind Johannes Vermeer’s Photo-Realism

For eras, artists have been revered for their classic styles, rich history, hidden morals and extensive collections of their artwork renowned by the world;...

Grant Wood’s ambiguous ‘American Gothic’

The United States is noted for its glitz and glam spanning from coast to coast in states such as New York and California, with...

An analysis of Katsushika Hokusai

The Great Wave off Kanagawa, better known as The Great Wave, is one of pop culture’s most iconic images. The famous woodblock print was...

Edvard Munch’s story behind “The Scream”

Many people know of the iconic expressionist painting, The Scream, and it’s blazing hues of orange contrasting the dark aura of the scene. Even...