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Siena Juhlin

Siena Juhlin is a staff writer for the RBHS journalism. She's a sophomore and an avid guitar player.

Highlights of Student Council’s car smash

Watch as students smash a Jeep to raise money for charity.
Junior Trent Dunlap fighting to attain possession of the ball following a corner kick on Aug. 22. Bruins won 1-0 after the game against Hickman went into double over time followed by penalty kicks. Photo by Yousuf El-Jayyousi

Boys’ soccer seek victory against Jeff City

The Bruins soccer team prepares to go against the Pleasant Hill High School Roosters on Sept. 20.

Kai Ford Q n A

Q: Is there anything you're really passionate about? A: Passionate… I’d say happiness. Strange answer, I know. Happiness is relative, unique and fluctuates between abundant...