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Siena Juhlin

Siena Juhlin is a staff writer for the RBHS journalism. She's a sophomore and an avid guitar player.

Kai Ford Q n A

Q: Is there anything you're really passionate about? A: Passionate… I’d say happiness. Strange answer, I know. Happiness is relative, unique and fluctuates between abundant...

Mud volleyball 2017 photos

Before the tournament, physics teacher and referee, Malcom Smith, waters down the courts to ensure extra filth Team Dirt Devils prepares for...

Luke Milyo solos alongside Tom Bones Malone

On Tuesday April 25, the jazz ensemble and the jazz band joined the Hickman High School and Battle High School bands alongside renowned musician...

Teens navigate and reclaim labels, names

Even with histories of stigmas surrounding many labels for LGBT people, the youth reclaims an appropriates these names to make community.

Chamber Orchestra attends festival at Battle

Bows, suits and strings filled the auditorium, March 16 as Chamber Orchestra attended an optional clinic at Battle High School. Their goal was to...