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Sophie Whyte. A convivial vegan Canadian who possesses an unhealthy obsession for maple syrup, which she drinks out of a coffee mug every morning as she ponders the meaning of life. A proud reader and writer of things, Sophie spends her days idly presenting cello concerts for dog, and enjoying life as a lover of peanut butter. She is a quirky, quick witted, comically short intellectual. You can be sure to find Sophie exploring the halls of RBHS in her purple adventure rain boots, looking for a good story to write for Bearing News, be sure to say hi and strike up a conversation because she loves to converse about most anything especially the hardships of being an AP student. She be absolutely cray and if to be described by one single word, it would most definitely be FRIEND.

Steep competition among Best Picture Oscar nominees

Sophie Whyte
[heading size=”25″ margin=”10″]Best Picture[/heading] [tabs] [tab title=”Wolf of Wallstreet”] Wolf of Wall Street If cursing, nudity and blatant law-breaking bothers you, then do not watch...