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(Written by Ashleigh Atasoy) When's she's not spewing sarcastic nonsense or making gutteral noises to entertain herself and scare others, Trisha's probably hanging out with her friends, shopping, or watching "He's Just Not That Into You" for the 30th time--which is to her, a girl's best friend. But under her hard exterior, deep down there is a frozen jelly bean of a heart, which she claims has a molten, butterbeer flavored interior. For a straight shot to this frigid jelly bean, buy her a scarf, or better yet make a Harry Potter reference. To contact Trisha, send an email to

After defeat against Troy, Lady Bruins soccer makes a come back

Trisha Chaudhary
Last night, the girls’ soccer team suffered a tough loss to Troy Buchanan High School. The Bruins started the game with a fierce intensity and...

Seniors pursue passion for art in higher education

Trisha Chaudhary
Hover over the doors of each college to see the profiles of the seniors attending! Art by Elena Franck...