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Arts & Entertainment Bearing News provides a look into the world of arts and entertainment for the Columbia community as well as the students and faculty of Rock Bridge High School. Look here for features on local plays. Join the conversation about new cinematic releases or the latest books. Meet fellow students who are changing the way people see the world. Stories and video provide insight and thoughtful coverage to all the arts.

Rookie band recruits shine

Most everyone in band would agree that coming into the band program for the first time as a freshman can be frightening. The scariest...

Students prepare for choir concert

A student passing by the fine arts hallway today will feel the vibrations of voices condescending from within the choir room alongside a light...

Springing into new trends of the summer

     As the temperature rises from the runway to the high school hallways, there are new trends for this summer. Already around school some...

New music recruits excel

The music department faces a new set  of challenges and opportunities as the 2016-17 school year wraps up. Last month, auditions for band and chamber...