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Arts & Entertainment Bearing News provides a look into the world of arts and entertainment for the Columbia community as well as the students and faculty of Rock Bridge High School. Look here for features on local plays. Join the conversation about new cinematic releases or the latest books. Meet fellow students who are changing the way people see the world. Stories and video provide insight and thoughtful coverage to all the arts.

Chamber Orchestra attends festival at Battle

Bows, suits and strings filled the auditorium, March 16 as Chamber Orchestra attended an optional clinic at Battle High School. Their goal was to...

Experience the first ever CoMo Cow lip sync competition

Witness the first ever COMO Cow, a lip-sync battle between RBHS, HHS, and BHS. See Rock Bridge's Catastrophe (9:17), Hickman's Steering (4:24), The Cheerleaders...

One week with the Nintendo Switch

The new Nintendo Switch is a wonderful console, but does come with it's fair share of day one problems.

Esther Rose

"I really wanted to come up here with my friend and his band because I wanted to get out of town. I've been in...

Jenny Hipscher and Liz Klug

"I am a massage therapist, a yoga instructor and theater maker and performer. I do and love all those things because they're all feeling...

Neeley and Nick Curent

Neeley Curent: "We've been selling popcorn for City Garden school, a local non-profit. It serves first through fifth grade it's an arts and...