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Netflix’s “Series of Unfortunate Events” offers up family-friendly show

Where the 2004 film failed to develop the story cohesively, Netflix has orchestrated an enjoyable mix of quirkiness and adventure.

Annual show choir festival cancelled due to inclement weather

The annual show choir festival was scheduled to be held on Sat. Jan. 14. This event, hosted by the RBHS performing arts department, however, was cancelled and will not be rescheduled.

Show choir performers prepare for premier night

Members of Show Choir are anxious to see how they will execute performances they've been working on since first semester.
Yelton sits at his music studio in his room and looks through the tracks in his song, "Hawaii."video

Skill and Skrill

Ever wondered if anyone has their plans after high school figured out? Meet sophomore Ben Yelton, who aspires to make electronic music.

‘Awaken, My Love’, a failed attempt

Donald Glover returns as Childish Gambino, producing some questionably different music.

Christmas specials to watch this season

Christmas is more than a holiday; for tv shows, it's an institution. Here are some of the best Christmas episodes ever created.