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Arts & Entertainment Bearing News provides a look into the world of arts and entertainment for the Columbia community as well as the students and faculty of Rock Bridge High School. Look here for features on local plays. Join the conversation about new cinematic releases or the latest books. Meet fellow students who are changing the way people see the world. Stories and video provide insight and thoughtful coverage to all the arts.

Performing arts wraps up year

RBHS's 7th annual Theatrical Showcase took the stage to bring scenes from show's like Wicked, Snow White and Into the Woods.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: A Good But Lesser Sequel

The word “Marvel,” as in comic books or movie studios, has become a foundation of our culture. Previously, you could sit through almost every...

2017 CAPERS talent show

Kai Winding's "Paul Finks Out" is performed by Jack Fetting, Andrew Meister, Luke Milyo, Martin Shapiro and Jamie Fetting at 1:15. Allie Brun's performance of...

Luke Milyo solos alongside Tom Bones Malone

On Tuesday April 25, the jazz ensemble and the jazz band joined the Hickman High School and Battle High School bands alongside renowned musician...

‘Born in China’ offers fresh take on life, death

The Disneynature documentary follows three separate species of animals as they navigate life in the mountains of China.

Districts, a thing of the past for the music department

Making it past districts, the RBHS band, orchestra and show choir will be taking on state shortly, winning awards across the board.