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Bearing News provides a look into the world of arts and entertainment for the Columbia community as well as the students and faculty of Rock Bridge High School. Look here for features on local plays. Join the conversation about new cinematic releases or the latest books. Meet fellow students who are changing the way people see the world. Stories and video provide insight and thoughtful coverage to all the arts.

‘Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino’: Cinematic, Bowie-esque, futuristic space jazz

After a four-years hiatus, Arctic Monkeys made their comeback with Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino Friday, May 11, arguably one of their most linear...

Theatrical Showcase takes audiences on a Ride through Time

From the Old Testament to the hair loving 1970s, Advanced Acting and Musical Theatre students managed to combine various choreography, songs and character dialogues...

Style and Expression at RBHS

“Style and what you wear is really just how you express yourself; it’s what you’re inspired by and what you soak up,” said G-Eazy,...

RBHS musicians to participate in state music festival

RBHS musicians who passed districts will attend state music festival, Thursday, April 26.