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Arts & Entertainment Bearing News provides a look into the world of arts and entertainment for the Columbia community as well as the students and faculty of Rock Bridge High School. Look here for features on local plays. Join the conversation about new cinematic releases or the latest books. Meet fellow students who are changing the way people see the world. Stories and video provide insight and thoughtful coverage to all the arts.

Canadian band Thanya Iyer performs at T/F DIY Day

Canadian band Thanya Iyer meet with DIY students and perform during the True/False Film Fest. The Montreal band came to T/F last year, as well. The musicians believe the only person who can say no to you is yourself.

‘American Animals’ enthralls, offers truth to ‘buddy movie’

American Animals, a drama/crime film directed and written by Bart Layton, chronicles the escapades of four college students attempting a heist of very valuable books in their college library. The film also shows the events that led to the heist and the drama that ensued afterward.

Fashion of True/False

True/False, a celebration filled with colorful, eclectic people to say the least. It's a showcase of Columbia’s self-expression. Part film festival, part concert, part public art exhibition and, of course, part fashion show.

‘The Family’ offers raw look at the ties that bind

What is family really? Is it a mother and a daughter, or maybe a girlfriend and a boyfriend? And can you have a good movie without a protagonist? What about without an antagonist? These questions are what director Rok Biček seems to want to address with his documentary The Family.