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Columbia, US
Monday, February 19, 2018

Art Around Columbia

Art Around Columbia: “Cypher”

Growing up in Columbia, I would often visit the Daniel Boone Regional Library. It is filled with information and stories that filled my childhood with joy. When my family decided to take a trip...

Art Around Columbia: Traffic Box Art

Downtown Columbia is like most downtown areas: covered in graffiti art and spray paint tags. Implemented by the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA), artists from all around come to Columbia to compete in...

Art Around Columbia: The Columbia Art League

Read about art student Jadie Arnett's accomplishment in the Columbia Art League's show, "Indulge."
Tiger Hotel: Salvador Dali

Art Around Columbia: Secrets of The Tiger Hotel

Inside the iconic Tiger Hotel, unbeknownst to most, resides a collection surrealist pieces done by a master of the arts.